Helping The World Go Green at Sambodhi Retreat

Eco Friendly Sambodhi Retreat

In today's world people are becoming more concern about the environment because of global warming and pollution has caused many types of health risk so every people is more concerned about their health. We here at Sambodhi Retreat is looking forward for this major issues and making a natural place to show a new way of healthy living. With the help of modern science and technology we are close enough to achieve our goal.

As per the people desire we had designed and maintained our resort in a very much eco friendly and in natural manner.Our Suites is designed in natural way from the beginning. The design of the resort is to improve and minimize health and environmental impacts.Every suit shows the beautiful idea of making natural world.Here at Sambodhi we are doing our best to bring back the life of our earth back to existence.All these fact is shown by every part of our naturally built resort.

Staying in this place will be a best moments of your life and we know you will be willing to come back again. Spending your precious time at here will not go in vain because here we assure you that you will gain some knowledge also and you will see how we can overcome the disaster of global warming which is killing our earth slowly.

To maintain the eco system, Our Resorts have a variety of scheme that is
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation and Preservation
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement
Environment friendly green ecotel Resort
Environment friendly green ecotel Resort sambodhiretreat

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Products is the most important things that make the environment more polluted. The Resorts most effectively recycle the Waste Products and use it. We have some process to recycle the waste products. We make the compost with those wastes that includes newspaper, wastes food, kitchen wastes etc and else more and used as Manure which is called city compost and it's a very beneficial fertilizer which is very much favourable for the plant cultivation and most of all its a 100% organic fertilizer which we used in Organic Farming at our Resort that we have some contribution to maintained the ecosystem and to give 100% organic food to our clients.

Energy Efficiency

Our Resort is constructed and designed energy efficient. The ceiling of every suit has a sky light that the rays of sunshine enter the room and gives natural light. Our suits of our resort is constructed as insulated, like its wall and its roof etc that because the Resort become more energy efficient. The benefit of insulation wall is to keep the room warm all year round in the winter time and the room will be cool in the summer time due to the cavity wall which cause temperature inside the room same due to insulation there is no need to use AC and Fan of the room and as well as we used the energy efficient lighting that LED lighting which helps to keep reduced the energy.

Water Conservation and Preservation

Our Resort have various technique to preserve the water such as the bathroom of our resort have installed faucet aerators which helps to save the 50% water in comparison with conventional one. A sewage Treatment plant runs throughout the day and night to ensure that waste water is recycled in some process and can be reused for gardening and all.

Environmental Commitment

We believes in our sincere commitment to the environment by reusing disposed materials. This helps in reducing the pollution which is one of the main factors influencing global warming. Here we strictly prohibit the use of chemical like for the purification of swimming pool water we use ozone instead of chlorine and the amenities used at our rooms is eco friendly.

Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement

Environmental awareness is amongst the employees of the hotel is very important for us to maintained the ecosystem so the management of our resort organize and conducts training programmes related to the ecosystem to familiarize them with the eco-friendly initiatives of The Sambodhi Retreat.