Restaurants & Dining at Sambodhi Retreat

Food at Sambodhi Retreat

Ahaara Resturant

Visit for a fine dining experience with a bout at the game of pool or Carrom. Breath-taking view of the swimming pool with river Falgu and Mahabodhi temple in the background is sure to make you yearn for more.

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A large banquet style dining room for larger get-togethers or meetings where buffet lunch and dinners can be organised. Situated adjacent to the largest sleeping Buddha, the architecture of this building is simple yet aesthetic.

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Bamboo Bush

A dining place for the nature lovers, order you favourite course sitting amidst bamboo bush enjoying the calm and beauty of nature.

Hucca Bar

Hucca Bar is place where one can enjoy different flavour of hucca.This is a substitute of tabbaco without tabbaco.Its used by above twelve years age group. By Providing these all services we believe, our service will be faster and accurate and most importantly it will boost both our guests

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